Ivy Street Family Centre

Musical Madness


Following a clear out at home Ivy Street acquired an old electronic keyboard with a variety of functions including sound effects ranging from a dog bark to a phlegmy cough (similar to the one Ferris Beuller uses – ask you Mum if you don’t know who Ferris Beuller is!). As I put some batteries into the keyboard I wondered how it would be received by our families. I thought “Well, the Mums will probably hate it, but the kids will LOVE IT!” and so the decision was made.

It didn’t take long for the kids to start bashing away on the keys and all the buttons, finding the pre-recorded music with a beat to bop around to, the sound effects, the rhythmic drum beats and all the other functions. It was a joy to watch their faces as they discovered how their actions produced sound and when they found the pre-recorded music…well….it was a real toddler disco!

Around the same time we had an impromptu toddler band when a couple of the boys were hammering away on the xylophones. One of the Mums and I turned it into a unique rendition of ‘Old MacDonald’. You can see a clip on our Facebook page.