Celebrating mothering…

“It’s all about looking after the Mums”

I’ve been mulling over what Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day means for us at Ivy Street. Many of our single mums find it a bit of a non-event since their little tinies can’t do the whole “breakfast in bed and a lie-in” thing, some have lost their dear mums, some have mums who they feel are not really worth celebrating. Many of us who are mothers have had days and maybe even weeks when we felt like we were the world’s worst mother and didn’t deserve to be celebrated.

It’s seems a shame to let the day go by without celebrating mothers of all kinds, but I know it can trigger all kinds of emotions, some not very welcome.

We have done our Mother’s Day crafts this week with the little ones sticking random sparkly bits onto cards and scribbling in the middle. These gifts will be coo-ed over by doting Aunties and Grandmas no doubt and I hope that all our mums get to feel a little bit special on Sunday. At Ivy Street our philosophy has always been to look after the mums or other carers as much, if not more, than the children. As we frequently say, children will happily play with a cardboard box, but if mum (or carer) isn’t happy, the whole thing just doesn’t work. So there is always a hot cup of something, a smile and a shoulder to cry on, if that’s what’s needed. A listening ear and a chance to relax and chat with friends can make all the differnce between making it through the day and collapsing in a heap at the end.

But mothering isn’t just about giving birth to babies, it’s about caring for one another and being there for each other. I have some wonderful women friends who have “mothered” me through some tough times even though they are not biologically related, some have never had a child of their own, but they have mothered all the same.

messy play1

Mums/carers getting involved at a messy play session

So even if it seems a bit trite, I would like to celebrate “Mothering” this weekend with a salute to all who take on a mothering role in their lives and a huge TAHNK YOU from all of us who have been on the recieving end of the lovingkindness of these special people.

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