Let’s Cook!

It’s been a long held dream of mine to host a cookery course at Ivy Street, but with the state of our kitchen and the busyness of the job, I just have never managed to get it all together. Some time last year I was flicking through my Twitter feed and came across a new scheme of the WI called ‘Let’s Cook Local’. This scheme, funded by The Big Lottery, teaches WI members to teach cooking to young families who find the whole thing overwhelming.

I contacted them and asked if we could have a course here at Ivy Street. They thought we would be an excellent group to teach and they met with me and we all got very excited and then…….nothing! I didn’t hear from them, other things took over my thoughts and I kind of ‘parked’ for the moment.

In June this year I was surprised to get an email from the WI saying that they had a trained member of a local WI who would love to come and teach our Mums how to make healthy, interesting and cheap meals for their families. I jumped at the offer and we started the course in September, using a local church’s kitchen. Six Mums and one Dad are spending their Monday lunchtime learning new techniques, brushing up on school Food Tech memories, tasting, preparing and eating some delicious recipes.

So far we have made pizza, salads, burgers, flapjack, fishcakes and fruit crumble. Everyone joining together to cook, share and eat. I really is a dream come true for me!

The best thing is that most of the Mums and going home and making the recipes again for their famileis and feeling more confident in the kitchen.

Thank you WI!

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