Thinking INSIDE the box…

IMG_2692 What do you think when you see a big old box like this blocking your route on a narrow pavement? Irritation? I think – quick grab it before any one else does! I passed these boxes last week on my way to meet a friend for coffee, so I left them where they were, but if I had been heading for Ivy Street I might have picked tem up and taken them with me. Why would I do the Council’s clearing up for them, you might ask?! Well, open this huge box out, give some toddlers some pens and crayons and they will be happy as lambs for hours. I used to take big boxes home with me and draw a road scene on it for my little ones (when they were little!) then they would play for hours with toy cars, dinosaurs etc while I got the kettle on. There is so much potential in a big box, why not try these:

  • Open the box out. Get your child to lie down on it a draw round them. They can then colour themselves in. They love to see how big they are!
  • Leave the box whole and put in a couple of cushions – instant den!
  • Leave it whole, cut some holes in the sides – instant Wendy House!
  • If you’re feeling a bit braver on the messy front, put some paint onto paper plates and let them foot and hand paint all over the flattened out box.
  • If you’re even a little bit arty you can roughly draw out a whole town and use whatever toys you can find to do some role play.

So next time you see a big box lying around, why not grab it and have some ‘messy as you like’ play at home for a few hours. When you’re done, just fold it up and bung in the recycling bins – free fun!

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